We pursue the further growth of the successor company
through corporate succession via Search fund.

About us

The first traditional Search fund (Duo) in Japan
Japan Bullseye Capital is a traditional search fund. We acquire the shares of one exceptional private company (SME) in Japan and founders Eisuke Kobayashi and Mitsuharu Suzai will take over as successors.

Kobayashi Eisuke

Eisuke holds an MBA from IE Business School and a B.A. in Occidental History from the University of Tokyo. He commenced his career at Mitsui & Co., Ltd., where he initially worked on copper mining investments within the Base Metal Division. Subsequently, he relocated to the Shikoku branch, where he actively participated in a local aquaculture joint venture alongside local SMEs. Following this assignment, Eisuke returned to the head office's Base Metal Division, where he concentrated on copper trading, encompassing logistics, futures trading, and trade finance for overseas mining projects.

Mitsuharu Suzaki

Mitsuharu holds an MBA from IE Business School and a B.A. in Liberal Arts from the International Christian University. He began his career in the Inside Sales division, focusing on developing new businesses for both small and large companies. In his third year, he moved to the Large Enterprise Sales Division, where he worked on proposals and project planning for top executives. Later, he joined the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Sales Division, engaging with over 100 business leaders and supporting business growth.

About SMEs in Japan

Approximately 4 million SMEs

There are over 4 million enterprises in Japan, and 99% of them are SMEs.
No Successors or profitable closed businesses companies are 1.5 million, and 0.9 million are still profitable.

Aging of management classes.

The management turnover is not occurring in many firms. As a result,
the peak age of managers was "50-54" in 2000, and the peak age of managers was "65-69" in 2015.

Lack of Successor

According to a survey released in 2020 by the Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute, More than 35% of companies are still looking for a successor.

Our Target




  • High organic growth potential
  • High competitive barriers
  • Non-commoditized product or service offering
  • Large, fragmented market
  • Annual EBITDA over JPY 140 million (USD 1 million)
  • Recurring and contractual revenue streams
  • Low ongoing capital expenditure needs
  • Business-to-business service
  • Low customer concentration and churn
  • High operating leverage
  • Less than 100 Employees

Our Partners

Japan Bullseye Capital is supported by a group of 17 investors,
including business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and funds.